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Winter Swing Festival – WORKSHOPS


There are two 1 hour and 15 mins classes per workshop session. Classes are for intermediate-level dancers.

10am-12:30pm – Workshop session 1: “Rhythmic Play in Lindy Hop”

Evita’s first session will introduce multiple rhythmic footwork options that Leaders and Follows can use while social dancing. The goal is to be able to add in little ideas which flavour your familiar and foundational moves. The concepts will start easy but get tricky as the class progresses

1:30pm-4pm – Workshop session 2: “Solo Jazz Essentials that you will ALWAYS use”
The second session will take you through Evita’s solo Jazz step exercises to prepare you for transitions between ideas and build your confidence with improvising.

11am-1:30pm- Workshops session 3: “Fun Charleston moves that use Momentum”
To finish the weekend and keep your energy up, Evita will teach a combo of partnered Charleston moves that require healthy momentum and clear commitment to direction.

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