Winter Swing Festival – Shob and Andy

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Shob and AndyMeet our teachers for the Winter Swing Festival, Shob and Andy!

Shob and Andy are so honoured and excited to be teaching again at the Winter Swing Festival. They love the Hobart swing community and are thrilled to be able to share again in it’s journey.

Shob and Andy are two of Australia’s most experienced and sought after teachers of lindy hop, blues and balboa. They have been travelling for over a decade to teach workshops all over Australia and NZ and were recently honoured to be invited to teach in Europe. However they are still first and foremost students of these dances and constantly challenge themselves to discover new possibilities.

They embrace the challenge of competition and performance, have won multiple titles across all styles and each week they are proud to train with and gain inspiration from Echoes of Harlem.

As teachers, they are known for their down to earth and warm teaching style. After all these years they are still so passionate about teaching whether it’s helping students take their very first steps or pushing advanced dancers to excel. They love nothing more than helping students find their individuality, self belief and the joy of partnership.

“Shob and Andy are warm, encouraging and humble teachers who always have something valuable to share. Not only do their classes have great moves and concepts but they teach you to be better to yourself and more connected to others. Whether you dance lindy hop, balboa, blues or just like to jam, Shob and Andy can help make your light shine a little brighter” SARAH CAWSTON (teacher and scene leader)