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z. Shan Deng

Shan first started dancing in 1997 in New York doing ballroom and salsa. she learnt from various teachers, including American and later Australian champions.

Swing caught Shan’s eye in early 2002 and she fell in love with the style instantly and started teaching just three months after. Shan loves all forms of dancing: belly dancing, hip-hop, flamenco and is currently focusing and teaching Argentine Tango while developing a blend of swing blues and tango (tango blues)! When not dancing, Shan is a concert pianist and teaches at the Conservatorium of Music, University of Tasmania. Shan combines her expertise in music and her experiences in many dance forms to help students explore body movement and be the most musical dancer on the floor.

Dave and Shan are a husband and wife team who have been teaching swing together since 2003 in Hobart, Australia. They are co directors of TasSwing and currently anchor the Hobart Hoppers class.

Dave and Shan have been invited to teach for schools such as Swing Patrol, Empire Swing, Swing Beijing and Swing Shanghai, and at prestigious events such as the Melbourne Swing Festival and Swing Camp Oz. Dave and Shan regularly choreograph routines for Hobart’s performance troupe, Lindy Mob as well as being active performers themselves.

Dave and Shan are known for bringing a level of enthusiasm and fun to their classes, as well as paying attention to the finer details of the dance, with a focus on technique and movement.

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