Michael Laczko

Michael has been interested in music from his youth, having played lower brass instruments in high school, but did not discover the wonderful world of swing dancing until he left his sheltered home of Perth for Melbourne in 2004. There his new friends introduced him to partner dancing which Michael took up with enthusiasm, whether it was ballroom, salsa, or swing. It wasn’t until 2008 when Michael put his other dance interests aside to concentrate on swing dancing that he started to make his presence noticed around the Melbourne swing scene. Developing a particular interest in 1920’s Charleston and classic jazz routines such as the Big Apple and the Shim Sham he started to get a reputation for being “that solo Charleston guy”, “Captain Charleston”, or just “the crazy one”.

Michael’s enthusiasm and excitability about swing dancing are contagious and he is rarely seen out dancing without a smile on his face. He enjoys preforming in front of people and spreading the joy and fun he feels when swing dancing. He has had experience performing in swing dance troupes in Melbourne since 2008. After moving to Hobart late 2011 Michael has been a teacher for FootNotes dance school and has also performed with the Lindy Mob performance troupe.

Michael is keen to share and to learn swing dance knowledge with anyone who is interested. When he is not dancing he can be found staring at the clouds, or drinking coffee and reading a book.

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