Julianne O’Reilly-Wapstra

One night in 2000, Julianne was watching Ally McBeal on telly and there, she saw it for the first time…a dance…a slightly crazy, fun, cool looking dance. To her luck, that same year she came across a flyer advertising lessons (the first ever in Hobart) for this same dance called swing. After the first lesson she was hooked and has been dancing ever since.
Julianne loves teaching beginners class and gains a real buzz when new students leave the class with a big smile on their face after they have conquered some smooth moves on the dance floor. Julianne’s favourite move is the vanilla swing out with great connection – mmmm, it feels so good! Julianne tries to incorporate good connection and momentum into her teaching as she believes that if those two components are there, then the dance will FEEL fabulous and that’s what it’s all about. Julianne is also a member of the performance group Lindy Mob and loves sharing the dance with audiences all over Hobart.

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