Elysia Chase

Even before Elysia knew what swing dancing was, she thought it sounded awesome and wanted to learn. Early in 2006, Swing Patrol opened a venue in her local area in Victoria and she has been hooked ever since. Elysia is a bright and friendly teacher who believes that learning should be fun, and with solid foundations, learning to dance can be easy. She endevours to offer this to her students and is guided by her belief that you never stop learning!

You rarely see Elysia sitting a night out when there is music to dance to and she is often seen switching things up by leading and following on the dance-floor. She is a regular on the DJ circuit and also a member of Lindymob, the swing performance troupe in Hobart.

When she is not dancing Elysia can be found out and about enjoying the Tasmanian wilderness or working as an allied health professional in the health and disability sectors. She is passionate about all areas of her life but if pushed she is likely to admit that she would rather be dancing!

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