Bibiana Devlin

Bibiana Devlin swing dance teacher tasswingBack in 2001, having read about swing dancing in American dance magazines, Bibiana was delighted to discover classes being offered in Hobart. With a background in classical ballet, she took to swing dance like a swan to a lake. That same year she was invited to teach and also choreographed her first performance piece. Unable to get enough of it at class, Bibiana could be seen swing dancing to jazz and cover bands whenever occasion presented.

Unfortunately, early 2003 saw Bibiana depart for the wide unknown – but her love of dance, and the desire to share it, could not be forsaken. During her time away she taught a variety of dance classes including classical ballet, cheerleading and swing dance (single-handedly). Consequently, on her return to Hobart in 2009 she felt terribly lost … but thanks to the lovely Hobart leads, and then dancing in London, Manchester and Birmingham in 2010 – Bibiana has regained her groove (pushing it ever further) and can be seen burning the floor at any opportunity.

Bibiana’s dance philosophy has always been ‘you lead, I’ll follow’ and from that foundation she listens to her lead, tailors her response to fit her partner’s style and has a very fulfilling social dance life. As a teacher she hopes to inspire her students to challenge themselves within their existing knowledge and also to enrich their dancing through technique and styling.

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