Barry Windridge

Barry has dabbled in many types of dancing including ballroom, jazz ballet and folk dancing. But the dance that captured him was swing dancing. It all began a few years ago when Barry saw a stage show called Burn the Floor at the Derwent Entertainment Centre. The show had some segments of energetic dancing that involved lots of kick actions. “I did not know what it was called…but I wanted to do it.” Over the next few months Barry learnt that it was swing dancing that he had seen and investigated avenues of learning this fantastic dance, including lessons in Melbourne and attending a dance camp at Herrang, Sweden.

Alas, there was still no swing dancing in Hobart, so Barry took the initiative to organise for two of Melbourne’s teachers to come down to Hobart and give a two day workshop. From there, Barry decided to take the plunge and organised swing dance lessons to keep swing alive in Hobart. This was in October 2000, and we have been dancing ever since.

Barry just loves the energy of swing dancing. He loves the variety of moves and styles. He loves all aspects of Lindy Hop and swing dancing including aerials, Balboa, Shag and Boogie Woogie, and of course, the 8 count Lindy steps. You will rarely find Barry doing anything else with his spare time these days other than swing dancing. Other pastimes Barry has been involved in include cross country skiing, bushwalking and other outdoor activities.

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