Ariadna Martínez Marrades

AriadnaIn 2009, Ariadna began dancing Lindy Hop and solo Charleston in Barcelona, her hometown, and hasn’t stop swingin’ around since then! She loves social dancing, improvising and creating new moves and feelings, both solo and with a partner.

Ariadna (or Ari, as everyone calls her) has developed her own rhythm and style thanks to classes and workshops all over Europe, but especially in France.  She used to teach Lindy Hop and Jazz Roots in Paris, where she lived for over 6 years. Ari loves sharing her passion, and her personal challenge is to keep each student’s own style while helping them improve their technique and increase their body language.

She also enjoys choreographing and performing. With Olivia Bowman and Michael Lakzco, her two local partners in crime, they created iCharleston Hobart in 2016, and have performed together at the Australian Jitterbug Championships in Melbourne.

And last but not least, when she’s not dancing, you can look for Ari behind the DJ table. After all, everything is about enjoying the music and sharing it!