Workshop Details for the Winter Swing Festival

16128-394For those of you who’ve been hanging out for the workshop details for the Winter Swing Festival – here they are, fresh from the hands of Noni and Jarrod!

Saturday Morning
Lindy Hop ­– Rhythms and Shapes
This workshop is about energising your social dancing, with a bunch of fun material utilising closed and open positions. Improvisation is at the heart of Black Dance and Jazz music, and here we will develop improvising skills by using accents and rhythms to add flavour and individuality to your social dancing. We will explore jazz music as a ‘conversation’ and how that idea can inform and inspire our Lindy Hop.
Saturday Afternoon
‘Hi Ya’ by Johnny Hodges
Get ready to ‘deep dive’ into a kickin’ jazz song with a little choreography inspired by one of the swing era’s jazz greats: saxophonist Johnny Hodges. This will be a mix of solo and partner content along with some improvising, where we add to your repertoire and explore styling, technique and music.
Sunday Morning
Momentum, flow and collaboration
In this more advanced workshop, we’re going to investigate some aspects of what Noni and Jarrod love about dancing together: momentum, flow and collaboration. Through momentum and flow, we will geek-out about the various ways we connect and collaborate in our social dancing.

Posted in General on June 8th, 2021.


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