Southern Gateway Groove Classes Start Nov 1

Version 2Three minds work better than one – but which three? The Tasmanian-based trio of dancers Olivia Bowman, Ariadna Martinez and Michael Laczko love to choreograph routines together, improvise, and teach solo swing dancing as a combo. They bring together their three unique dancing and teaching flavours to create dynamic classes and inspiring solo routines.

Olivia is their swing era geek, most often the one picking the tunes to perform, and always filling all their moves with meaning. Ariadna is the exotic touch, having travelled all the way from Barcelona to share her “European style” with the welcoming Hobart dancing community. And last but not least, Michael, the weatherman and 2016 Australia’s Solo Jazz Champion, is the one in charge of keeping all their rehearsals and lessons in a pleasant anticyclone, no matter what the crazy Tassie weather is like outside the room!

The three of them are the creators of the first Australian iCharleston clip, the long acclaimed “iCharleston Hobart”. They have also represented Tasmania, performing at the Australian Jitterbug Championships in August 2016, and are in charge of putting together fun solo routines for all TasSwing students.

About the routine for this year’s Christmas Party:
All-levels solo jazz steps routine. We will break everything down from the very beginning and have everyone mastering a super fun routine by the end of our six-week block. For those who want an extra challenge, you’ll get the chance to perform at the Christmas Party (no pressure, but yayyy!) with lots of travelling moves around the stage. The chosen song this time is a version of the classic “8, 9 & 10” by a contemporary group from Texas, the Careless Lovers, check it out:


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